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A Little About Us

Sugar Leaves is a locally-owned and operated

Cannabis Dispensary in Kalispell, Montana.


Sugar Leaves cultivates over 30 strains of cannabis including several CBD specific strains, ensuring both diversity and efficacy in our medicine.


In addition to our organically cultivated cannabis flower, we offer a full line of concentrates, edibles, vape cartridges and CBD products. We also carry a full line of glass and smoking accessories at incredible prices...


Our small but dedicated staff works long hours caring for our plants. We have a comprehensive strain catalog updated frequently to reflect current market trends and customer requests. 


 We allow our plants to fluctuate through natural cycles of growth, sacrificing the higher yields of less natural methods for the higher terpene/cannabinoid content of plants exposed to more natural growing conditions. 

NO pesticides, NO plant steroids, just attention to detail and lots of TLC."

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